Tatura State School 1441 had its origins as a bark hut. A new school was built 2 miles out of town on Fuzzard’s property and was known as Fuzzards until 1885. From 1885 to 1969 local children were educated at the ‘Old School’ in Casey Street in the centre of Tatura. During the 1960’s the School Committee lobbied politicians and in 1967 it was announced that a new school would be built on the Service Street site. 


The present school opened in February 1970. Name changes included State School to Primary School, Headmaster to Principal, and the School Committee to School Council. The official opening was held in March 1971. 


Today we have a well maintained school that is situated in the sporting centre of the town. We are adjacent to ovals, tennis courts, the swimming pool and the picturesque Lake Bartlett wetlands. 


We can only wonder what the pioneer children at the Bark hut school would think of Tatura Primary School’s undercover playgrounds, artificial grass under shade sails, concrete court areas and green lawns. The children would marvel at our facilities and classrooms, and our access to technology to enhance learning. Bikes and scooters are parked in the bike shed - the pony paddock is long gone. 


Grade 1 and 2 at State School 1441, 1932

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